Monday, April 27, 2015

Post #1 (Or "An Introduction... And Why Did You Pick That Name?")

Greetings, and welcome to my ubiquitous security blog!

I would like to first take the chance to state that I am, in no way, shape, form, permutation, or instantiation, a security expert of any kind. I am simply a network engineer that has spent way too many sleepless nights filling his Feedly to the brim with feeds from anti-virus firms, independent researchers, modern security firms, and vulnerability/exploit alerts. I have also, through sheer brute-force effort and opportunity carving, become the unofficial "security guy" for my current employer. Through both of those efforts—well, that and tinkering around in my home security lab—I have finally reached the point where I can start blathering on about my exploits (no pun intended) on the Internet. This blog will conain my musings and day-to-day discoveries as I progress down the path of a multi-purpose security analyst.

Oh, and the name? Just generated it with the tool here:

Thanks for tuning in!

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