Friday, August 5, 2016

INFO: Upcoming Projects

Hello again!

I am here, once more, to apologize for how quiet this blog has been. I have been extremely busy, but that does not mean I have not been gathering information for future posts! In fact, let's go over some of the future things I will be doing around these parts...

1. I will be updating the blog in general. The reading list is out-of-date, and I have not updated my list of projects in quite some time. I intend to remedy these things and other blog aspects in general.

2. I will be writing some new malware analysis posts. I have ran into a few new infections (new to me, at any rate), and I will be writing up some analyses of those incidents.

3. I am going to ramp up my creation of threat intelligence. I am going to focus more on OpenIOC, Yara, and a third format that I cannot disclose at this time (or rather I am choosing not to). I want to do a better job of contributing to the community in general; plus, my threat intelligence skills are nascent at best and could use the practice.

4. You may have noticed that post #8 disappeared. I pulled it down for a few reasons, but mostly because I have decided to change the format of what I was doing with my fake BSOD/fake tech support web page research. I am going to continue to gather samples (as I have been doing this whole time) until I feel I have what I want/need. Then, I am going to write up a serious, legitimate report on what I have found. The report will include prevalence of certain TLDs, prevalence of certain countries, prevalence of certain registrars, as well as a table of unique phone numbers and registrant e-mails being used in these scams. I will even include pie chart for all of you graph lovers out there!

Anyhow, that is all I have to say for now. Stick around, and get ready for some exciting times around here.


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