Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Post #21 - HackTheBox Write-Up: Access


Still making minor tweaks to the blog that I will be uploading in the near future. I may also be moving to a new platform, but we'll see; I may just majorly overall the theme running on this blog.

Nevertheless, that is not why I am posting here today. I am, in fact, posting to link you to a write-up I did of a HackTheBox machine: Access. Access is not the first HTB machine I've pwned, but it is the first machine I've pwned that has since retired. As such, it became the first candidate for a write-up.

You can read the write-up over at 0x00sec, of which I am a member.

I hope you enjoy the write-up! Drop me a comment here, on the forum post, or on Twitter.

Thank you very much! Many exciting things ahead!