Thursday, February 4, 2021

Post #29 - OSINT In Cinema #1 & #2

This post is about three months late, but I have been involved in quite a few things. I won't dive into all of them here, but I assure you that they will be coming soon.

For now, I wanted to share a project I started in November of 2020. That project is "OSINT In Cinema". The basic concept is that I or a group of folks select a movie, and from within that movie we select stills and/or clips that we examine and answer questions about. The questions can be any number of things, such as:

"Where was the scene shot?"

"What model of radio is that?"

"What building is that in the background?"

Some of the streams may be a review of an investigation I've already performed, and some may be an investigation that I perform live on the air with the community.

I'll be treating these the same as other write-ups and posting them one at a time here. To that end, let's kick things off with the first two streams I did!

OSINT In Cinema #1 - "The Straight Story"

Original Video

In this stream, I present how I was able to locate the exact spot, 20 years later, where a shot from David Lynch's "The Straight Story" was filmed. Lots of Google maps fun in this one!

OSINT In Cinema #2 - "Home Alone"

Original Video

For this holiday-edition stream, I took over a dozen still images from Chris Columbus's "Home Alone" and presented them live on stream so we could investigate them. We didn't find answers for all of our questions, but we had some definite, unique successes.

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